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Marlene Hill - Fight For The Feeling

Friday 7th September 2018

Chloe Josephine – Once More

LP | EP | SINGLE | ALBUM | Genre: Jazz/Parisian Cafe (accordion)


‘Once More’ is the third release from Chloe Josephine on Mayfield Records, which has already been aired on BBC Radio 6 Music by Tom Robinson. Previous releases include ‘How Many Souls’ and ‘Take A Stand’.

Last month ‘Once More’ was selected as a ‘Fresh Fave’ on Fresh On The Net and moderator Neil March commented in reference to the track: “The confidence she (Chloe Josephine) shows in delivering a track like this where the voice is so exposed against a minimalistic backdrop speaks for itself. So too does her decision to take on quite a retro vibe but lend it a contemporary edge thanks to her vibrant singing style.”

‘Once More’ is a song about the loss of a loved-one and as such, has a profound sense of nostalgia and yearning.

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